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Behaviour problem explained

What is a behaviour problem and how did it start?

Wether or not a dogs behaviour is a problem greatly depends on the owner. As owners we all have different expectations.
While some encourage their dogs to bark to deter unwelcomed guests to the home, another owner may spend a lifetime shouting at their dog to be quiet.

Most owners will know how to teach their dog to 'sit' or 'paw' but don't understand how, in much the same way have encouraged the unwanted behaviours too.

About me

i was the youngest of 3 and we grew up with dogs. My parents said it would teach us responsibility and respect for animals. We had a collie called prince, he was 6 months older than me. After him a lab/pringer cross called Jet. With the responsibility passed to me I fed, walked and attended training classes with him. He was a pleasure a quick learner always did extremely well in local competitions.

From then on I helped friends with dogs and fostered different breeds. Having a family and working didn't leave me the time to commit fully to a dogs needs and I'd already made my mind up when I left home the breed my next dog would be.
For years my heart was set on a Bull Terrier. I'd researched the breed and knew a 'bullie' was going to take real time and commitment. 

What really surprised me, was the realisation of such high numbers of Bull Terriers in rescue. By now social media had taken hold and dogs were being offered to 'good homes for free' by owners unaware of the dangers they were putting their dogs in. Well aware that 'dog fighting' wasn't just a thing of the past and still very much a reality, you can imagine my horror seeing a Bull Terrier on FB in my area. Just 18 months old, a bitch who hadn't had any real home all her life, just passed from home to home and clearly running out of offers.
I collected Bella the next day and the biggest challenge of my life began.
Bella had every issue in the book. Friendly and loving indoors but outdoors the list was endless. From basic walking on a lead - wanting to attack every dog in sight.
Despite being told a hundred times by friends that i wouldn't even last a month before giving up on her, i got to work on seeking help and advice, giving in wasn't an option....

The Journey.

For the next 3 and a half years I worked hard with Bella. in that time she made friends with an amazing S.B.T. Called Bentley. She learnt to trust him and regularly went swimming with him. She stopped 'kicking off' at every dog she saw, attending obedience classes and achieved so much. Life was cut short at 5 years old when she passed away from lymphoma. I'd learnt so much from Bella and this was where my fascination for dog behaviour really began. By now I had gained diplomas in basic and advance dog training and dog behaviour. Bella had bought about many changes to my life and also the opportunity to be part of Bull Breed Rescue.


I can not thank Ally enough for the advice and guidance she has given us. We could not have survived our family holiday without Ally’s training of Dyno and Myself and Tom as owner we couldn’t be …
Jo-Anne Marie
Very professional highly recommended 5star.
Helen Del
Brilliant and reliable service. Ally has amazing patience and is extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
Jade Barber

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